President Brenda Reuland and Executive Director Cindy Wilkins

Note From the Executive Director - Thank you for visiting GPUC

I am beyond proud to be a part of this organization and its mission. Over the years, I have watched as those who had needs, regained their purpose, accepted the assistance offered, and became productive, happy, individuals. I have seen the faces of the elderly and the children as they received the products they needed to sustain them for just a little while longer. I have seen clients climb out of what seems like an impossible situation and thrive. I have seen many things; and I hold GPUC to the highest standard of human compassion, with our goal in mind to perceive human beings as potentials, not problems, possessing strengths, not weaknesses... then they have the opportunity to thrive and grow to their capabilities.             -Cindy Wilkins

(Pictured: Brenda Reuland, President and Cindy Wilkins, Executive Director)