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Grand Prairie United Charities is dedicated to providing immediate emergency assistance and referrals to the residents of Grand Prairie.

 Grand Prairie United Charities was founded in 1955 to meet the emergency needs of Grand Prairie residents who were experiencing financial setbacks. We believe that prompt intervention in the form of emergency assistance can ward off a potential crisis and prevent the family or individual from being without shelter, food or utilities. 

It's just stuff... until you don't have any

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Why We Exist


Grand Prairie United Charities was founded to assist the needs of the community. Today, the agency is still going strong, feeding over 17,000 residents and assisting these families with the basic, unmet needs such as food, personal hygiene items, utility assistance, rental/mortgage/shelter assistance, prescription medications and an endless source of information and referrals. Our services help keep these adults, children and elderly from spiraling into hopeless situations. These programs widely affect the community as a whole, as a great percentage of those we assist give back to the community by volunteering their time to Grand Prairie United Charities. Our budgeting program gives our clients an opportunity to put their finances in check, as well as learn the basic processes of keeping and utilizing a budget, proving to have a lasting impact on our community.

Sponsorship Program


Are you looking for an organization that you can trust? You have found it! We are dedicated to using our donor funds with honesty and  integrity. Your donation enables GPUC to fulfill our mission, assisting our residents to ensure that a thriving community can exist. 

We have a variety of sponsorship levels to choose from. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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Local Partners


Our goal to better our community by providing essential needs for the residents cannot be done alone. That is why we partner with agencies that have the same heart for people. Each agency, working together with their own unique programs, helps strengthen families, as well as the community as a whole.

List of Partners

Help Us Spread The Word


Do you know someone in need of assistance? According to the 2017 Census Bureau, out of the 197,837 residents living in Grand Prairie, 13.8% are living in poverty. That equates to about 27,000 persons who are unable to meet the basic needs for themselves or their families.

You can make a difference by helping us spread the word that GPUC is here to help!

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Board of Directors

GPUC Board of Directors

Board of Directors:

Brenda Reuland, President

Mickey Levitz, Vice President  

Francis Santana, Secretary

Marshall Sutton, Treasurer

Rodney Anderson

Anthony Baker

Kim Campbell

Freddie D. Evans

Andrew Fortune

Juanita Gonzales

Pat Herring

Sonnia Ortega

Mickey Powell

Bill Skaar

Joe Wood

Advisory Board:

Gloria Carrillo

Theressa Cashman

Kathy Hassenpflug

Michael Levitz

Sandi Morrison

Rosemary Trujillo